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The common signs of concrete requiring repair can be from cracking, rust stains and in the worst case spalling. The longer it is left untreated, it normally accelerates potential damage and cost in rectification exponentially.


Contributing causes of the damage can be from:

  • The environment
  • Lack of adequate protection or maintenance
  • Design or failures of the initial construction process


Basement Systems is an industry leader in concrete repair and protection of concrete structures.

Our services are currently offered on the East Coast of Australia in Queensland and New South Wales, with offices located in Singapore.

With extensive training both locally and internationally our team stays up to date with the latest local and international standards to ensure our repair work is of the highest quality available. Basement Systems also works closely with external specialist remedial engineers as required to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Having earnt our reputation based on countless repair projects, Basement Systems adds value to our clients’ assets and ensures their durability for the years to come.


With access to the latest proven products we are able to produce high-quality concrete repairs in the following fields:

  • Concrete Cancer
  • Crack Repairs
  • Joint repairs
  • Void Injection and Grouting
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Protective Coatings



Concrete Cancer can slowly kill building if not stopped. If left untreated, it is not only unsightly, but pieces of concrete may come loose and fall off the building posing a risk of injury to people walking by and damage to other property.

Concrete cancer is rust originating deep within the concrete- specifically within reinforcing steel. As steel rusts, it can expand up to 7 times its original size causing the surrounding concrete to be displaced.

The problem is very likely to be much more extensive than what is apparent on the concrete surface. The cancer will have spread along the reinforcing in each direction. It is impossible to know the extent until the concrete is chiselled away.


Visual signs:

  • Flaking, spalling concrete
  • Rust Stains leaking out of the concrete
  • Bubbling, blistering, plating of concrete render
  • Leaks in overhead concrete surfaces
  • Rusting and exposed reinforcement pushing concrete to become loose


The typical method of concrete cancer repair follows a process of:

  1. Break out unsound concrete and expose reinforcing steel until sound concrete and clean non-corroded steel reinforcing are found.
  2. Saw cut repair zone perimeter to eliminate feather edges.
  3. The concrete around the reinforcing steel is chiselled away. Prepare substrates including removing any corrosion. Reinstate steel and/or add more as deemed necessary.
  4. After completion of material removal, concrete primers and rust inhibitor to the steel are applied prior to reinstating with a high build shrinkage compensated repair mortar. Formwork may be erected to close the cavity prior to installing the repair products.
  5. For further long-term protection, we also recommend a membrane coating system. Install a heavy duty modified acrylic membrane in multiple layers as a moisture barrier primer system. The primer system will assist in preventing bubbling or blistering, which is highly likely if the remedial waterproofing application is not performed, which could otherwise affect the durability of the system. Our recommendation is that treatment of concrete cancer should incorporate proper weather/waterproofing membrane or it risks being a temporary solution.


The membrane system is detailed to all penetrations and junctions. The system will be supported by the manufacturer warranty for 10 years and extendable for a further 10 years with a maintenance application.

Cracks can also be repaired using a technique called crack injection where suitable epoxy or polyurethane resins are injected.


Contact Basement Systems today for all your concrete repair needs in Singapore!

If you have cracked or damaged concrete and would like one of our experienced inspectors to carry out an assessment and provide you with their recommendations and a quotation for concrete repairs, you are welcome to contact our office to arrange a site visit by calling: 8333 7667