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Swimming Pool Waterproofing


Current total repair methods for aged swimming pool leaks, e.g. replacing the underlying membrane waterproofing, are time-consuming and costly. Moreover, they are seldom permanent.


In order to replace the membrane waterproofing, it will be necessary to remove all underlying structures, i.e. the existing tiles, protection cement mortar and membrane waterproofing. There’s also the need to reinstate the protection cement mortar and tiles after the membrane waterproofing has been replaced.


FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastic) is a very durable form of waterproofing coating, especially suitable for Swimming Pool waterproofing repair, Rooftop waterproofing repair, Drainage System waterproofing repair, and Planter Box waterproofing repair. FRP waterproofing shall be done by at least 3 layers of FRP coating, ensuring water-tightness, and integrity of waterproofing coating.


Using FRP to repair the waterproofing in aged swimming pools especially saves cost and time as it is unnecessary to remove all components of a swimming pool’s structure. Whereas before, one had to remove all underlying structures to perform total repair of leaking swimming pools, with our FRP technology, we can simply coat our FRP layers onto existing tile layer, thus eliminating removal of ANY existing features, saving time and application costs involved.


Our FRP has very high UV and chemical resistance, which translates into long lasting colour and waterproofing properties years after application date.


Moreover, the FRP resin and top coat is available in various colors, so replacing the tiles is optional as well. The colored top coat can serve as the final decorative layer for the repaired swimming pool.




  • Anti-UV properties, making very long-lasting colour fastness.
  • High chemical resistance, translating into high resistance against any form of chemical corrosion (i.e. chlorine in swimming pool water, fertilizers in planter boxes, fish ponds).
  • Relatively fast full curing time, making FRP waterproofed areas to be in use, just a couple of days after application (i.e. Swimming Pools, Fish Ponds)
  • No need for removal of any permanent existing features such as tiles to apply in case of swimming pools, hence saving a lot of costs involved from possible hacking and re-plastering of swimming pool areas.
  • Thick repeating layers of FRP (3 layers) ensures water tightness of waterproofing coating.
  • Finishing top coat available in various colours, ensuring clients get the colour finishing that they want.
  • No visible joint line, smooth overall quality finishing.




Rectification of Waterproofing Repair in Aged Swimming Pools above Car Parks, Leaking Planter Boxes, Waterproofing Repair on Drainage Systems, Koi Ponds waterproofing repair,and Rooftop Waterproofing Repair.